New Release: What About Me?

How are you feeling? How are you being? How are you doing? 

This is a book of conversations to consider thinking better about yourself while you’re at work helping and caring for others.  Your feelings, your emotions, how you think and what you do about them matter.  They either feed or starve your holistic health and well-being. 

I sat down and talked with a few friends and colleagues about you. The various topics we discussed about the mind, body, and spirit were intriguing and thought-provoking. I imagine you are probably taking good care of yourself and that is to be commended. However, there are usually some areas where we can maximize self-care.

I invite you to listen in on the conversations I had with:

Dr. Samuel R. Chand, Leadership Architect, Change Strategist, and Dream Releaser, Stockbridge, GA

Dr. Mark A. Croston, Sr., National Director of Black and Western Church Partnerships at Lifeway Christian Resources, Nashville, TN

Dr. Gina Newsome Duncan, Psychiatrist, Charlotte, NC

Mrs. Rita K. Garnto, Simple Self-Care Expert and Former Massage Therapist, Charlotte, NC

Mrs. Renita K. Hopkins, Pastor’s Wife and Psychiatric Nurse, Whole Armor Christian Life Center, Charlotte, NC

Bishop Joey Johnson, Senior Pastor, The House of the Lord, Akron, OH

Dr. Ramona Joseph, Former Pastor; Chaplain-Counselor, Valley Hope Association, Grapevine, TX

Mr. Gilbert Peacock & Dr. Barbara L. Peacock, Business Owner and Financial Professional; Minister of Soul Care, Spiritual Direction, Charlotte, NC

Dr. Rob & Dr. Karla Robinson, Medical Doctors, Charlotte, NC

Ms. Natasha Stewart, Director of The Potter’s House Center for Counseling and Behavioral Health, Dallas, TX

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