Mulberry House Creations is the home of a line of inspirational material created by Renee Hill Carter to enlighten, encourage and touch the very heart and soul.

The origin of Mulberry House Creations stems from my childhood in Beckley, West Virginia. Delivered at home in the “little” house, which was situated at the end of Mulberry Street, I am youngest of three girls born to Abram and Margaret Hill.

During the earliest part of my life, my father and other strong, skilled, God fearing men meticulously built our permanent home. After years of construction, at five years of age, we moved next door to the “big” house.

As a footnote, there were comments made later in life that attest to the quality of workmanship by my father’s hands and heart. My parents and oldest sister had passed away and my sister, Georgianna and I lived in different cities. Holding on as long as we could, we made what was an emotionally hard but wise decision to put both homes up for sale. While we prepared the “big” house for the next family to call home, realtors and inspectors were amazed at the solid, resilient craftsmanship that stood the test of time.

Both houses, my “home of origin” on Mulberry Street were built on a firm foundation of love, family, faith and education. Words of encouragement, correction and guidance were plentiful and purposeful. Not to paint a perfect picture, it was a haven, a comforting place, a respite of sorts. My mother, a connoisseur of beautiful things and a woman of hospitality set an atmosphere that was soothing. Her appreciation of the arts, music and other forms of expression and creativity was evidenced by piano and dance lessons, 4-H Club, community concert membership and other opportunities for her three girls. She is the real “super woman” as I’m still trying to understand how she prepared a full hot breakfast; Sunday dinner and three girls, my daddy and herself ready for church by 11am.

Conversations around the supper table served as one of the opportunities for our parents to check in with us to find out about our day…how we were feeling, how we were being and how we were doing.

I reflect on my father in his chair, head burrowed in reading materials from U.S. News and World Report to Jet, Ebony, Life, the Bible and books, books and more books. He was an educator, a voice of wisdom and a visionary before the term became popular. Actually he was the first African American “truant officer” in our county’s school system. He physically went to your house if you were absent [truant] from school and took you in!

College for his three girls was an automatic next step after high school graduation. Although a West Virginia State College graduate, he had determined that “all three of his girls were going to Hampton” and we did! (Hampton University, Hampton, VA.) He saw what he wanted for his family and he and my mother put things in motion with great sacrifice and faith to see it to fruition.

I admired my mother’s tenacity, perseverance and diligence. Attending Bluefield State College in her early twenties and then taking college courses much later in her life, she did not officially receive her degree, so posthumously, I hereby award her with the honorary degree she so richly deserved.

In addition to my sisters and extended family members, both parents were servants at heart and cast a wide net of influence in the church and in the community. Grown men would stop by our house and thank my father for urging them to “get their schooling” emphasizing faith and character development that positively shaped their lives.

Faith was the undergirding factor and central force in our lives. When you stood on one end of Mulberry Street, you could see Central Baptist Church at the other end. Being in plain view and within walking distance, church was like family. The sights and sounds on Mulberry Street and the community linger still in my mind. The smell of Sunday dinners being prepared, fresh cut grass and wild onions wafting through the air especially in spring and summer are reminiscent of a gentler time. Reaching the church, the hymns from the organ invited us in with open arms. Having this foundation and church experience prepared me for my personal conversion and saving relationship with Jesus Christ as an adult.

It stands to reason that the products and services offered by Renée Hill Carter are housed under the name of Mulberry House Creations. It is an extension of the influential people, experiences and legacy of my “home of origin”.

The hope is that as you experience the books, albums and other products and services created here, you will be encouraged and inspired to fulfill your God given purpose all for His glory. No matter how long it takes, the good work that the Master Creator and Craftsman has begun in you will be completed. (Phil. 1:6). His Hands and His Heart have made you fearfully and wonderfully in His image. The building plans are uniquely and intentionally designed with you in mind. My prayer is that no matter your “home of origin” favorable or not so favorable, Mulberry Houses Creations will inspire you, motivate and assure you that what God is building in you is a legacy that will stand the test of time and eternity.