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Day 4 “Don’t do it!”

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Exodus 20:3-6

The tendency of modern-day culture is to esteem people as objects to be revered. “Icon” is a label affixed to celebrities, political leaders, experts, and others with extraordinary talent, acumen, skill, and even notorious offensive behavior.  God carved in stone by His own finger, Don’t do that for “I…am a jealous God.”  Jesus Himself was tempted by Satan to worship another god.  He didn’t, so be careful that we don’t either.

Prayer:  Sovereign God, I will have no other gods before You.  You reign on the throne of my heart and to You alone all my worship belongs.  AMEN.

Thanks for joining me for the 12 days of Christmas as we focus on worship of the Savior, Jesus the Christ.   As the author, each daily reading was first published and featured in the 2015-16 Winter edition of YOU Adult Bible Study for Lifeway.

Come back tomorrow for Day 3.  You are welcomed to subscribe and I’d love to hear your comments.  Have a blessed, joyful and worship-filled Christmas!


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